Welcome to the 4th annual Cove Readathon!

On Sunday, January 12th, our Cove School Readathon 2020 will officially launch. Emails will be sent out through the 99Pledges website that day so students may immediately start seeking pledges or donations online. We want to thank you in advance for helping us make Readathon 2020 a rousing success! Please read with them, share out their unique fundraising link with family and friends, and feel the excitement of Readathon 2020!

Our PTO pays for many of the things you and your child have come to expect, need, and cherish from our school. You may be surprised how much the PTO pays for: professional development for teachers, instructional materials, classroom supplies and equipment, furniture, PE and playground equipment, campus events, parent education, campus improvements and much, much, more!

This is our only PTO fundraiser, and we must raise over 50% of the PTO’s annual budget to function.


  • January 12th Readathon 2020 announcement, emails from 99Pledges emails go out
  • January 16th Opening Assembly
  • January 16th Families start tracking minutes of reading
  • January 23rd Pajama Day Assembly. Raffles and first week prizes announced
  • January 30th Storybook Character Day Assembly. Raffles and second week prizes announced
  • February 4th Minute Tracking via Blupods Ends
  • February 6th Readathon Assembly
  • February 10th Donation Collection Ends
  • February 13th Final Awards Ceremony Assembly

Important Links

How it Works

Each student should read or be read to for at least 20 minutes per day (Monday through Thursday) entering minutes via Blupods each Tuesday night. This is the same as the regular reading homework goal.

If each student finishes their regular reading requirement each week, by the end they will have earned 3 raffle tickets. Students are encouraged to read beyond the regular reading goal and can earn another chance/ticket for the raffle for each additional 100 minutes read!

Ways to Earn Raffle Tickets

  • Read required 20 minutes per night (4 nights/week) = 1 raffle ticket per week
  • Each additional 100 minutes = 1 extra raffle ticket → Example: student reads a total of 285 min, would receive a total of 3 tickets (1 for first 80 then 2 for each additional 100 minutes)
  • For every 5 sponsors, students earn 1 raffle ticket
  • For every $100 raised, students earn 1 raffle ticket


We will have multiple exciting and incentivizing prizes for our children this year. While we must raise our minimum goal of $70,000 we also want to do this in the vein of Cove community spirit. Our Readathon strives to include all our readers, so there are many ways to win, by minutes read, by most donations raised, for the classes, individuals, and teachers:


Each child will receive a Cove Readathon 2020 book tote.

Weekly Raffle Drawing

10 names will be drawn to win gift cards to Mag's, or Cove swag!

Minutes-based Prizes each week

  • Class with most minutes read—popsicle party weekly

Minutes-based Prizes—Grand Total!

  • Student in each grade reading the most minutes overall: $25 gift card to Book Passage
  • Student reading the most overall, in the whole school—Principal for a day + $100 Amazon gift card

Money-Based Prize

  • Class with highest money raised by Feb. 10—ice cream sundae party
  • Any class with 100% fundraising participation—popcorn party

Money-Based Prizes—Top 3 Highest Totals!

The three students raising the greatest amount—each winner chooses in turn from these:

Teacher & Class Incentives!

  • Top 3 classes with most minutes read—teacher and classroom Book Passage gift cards
  • Top 3 classes with most money raised—teacher and classroom Book Passage gift cards
  • Any class with 100% fundraising participation—teacher and classroom Book Passage gift cards

(A “participant” is defined as someone who gets one or more donations.)

The Readathon will continue the Cove School’s green initiative with the online donation website. This will streamline the collection process and help students reach a broader audience. You will receive a custom link to your child’s web page, which you can share with family and friends directly or via social media to solicit donations.

If you wish to personally solicit donations by cash or check, we will still have an option to deposit envelopes in the Readathon Box (in the Cove office). Please note collection ends on February 10th.

Due Dates

  • All donations (online or cash/check) must be received by 11:59pm on February 10th.
  • Minute tracking beings on January 16th (our kick-off assembly) and ends on February 4th.
  • During our closing assembly we will announce the final winners.


  • Online payments can be made via your child’s unique 99Pledges link by credit card.
  • Donations by check or cash may be made in the office. Checks should be made out to: The Cove School PTO.

Minute Tracking

This year each student will be submitting minutes via a link in a Blupods email sent each Tuesday.

Ways You Can Help

  • Post and share your child’s 99Pledges page with family and friends via your social media—think Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!
  • Help your child ask family, friends, neighbors, or coworkers to donate by sending a link to their custom 99Pledges page.
  • Encourage your child to read, read, and read some more!
  • Encourage your child to write notes to thank family and friends who sponsored them.
  • Honesty! While it’s tempting for students to inflate the number of minutes read, we hope parents can use this as a valuable opportunity to teach the importance of honest, hard work.

Thank you for your Support! Contact us at readathon@covepto.org