Welcome to the 3rd annual Cove Readathon!

On Friday, January 18th, Cove School students will kick-off the Readathon with a morning assembly. Emails will be sent out through the 99Pledges website that day so students can immediately start seeking pledges/donations online or by picking up a pledge folder from the office. Tracking minutes for the Readathon will conclude on February 8th, with the last day for pledges February 11th (in order to count towards the prizes). The awards assembly will be on the 15th. Our school has a goal of reading at least 200,000 minutes! We want to encourage every student to participate and help raise much needed funds for our beloved school.

Important Links:


  • January 18: Readathon Kick Off! Students receive their fundraising web pages, gather sponsors and donations via 99pledges
  • January 18: Students start keeping track of reading minutes via Readathon Minutes Log
  • February 8: End of the Readathon, minutes due
  • February 11: Pledges and Donations due (in order to count towards the prizes)
  • February 15: Closing Assembly: Raffle drawing, announcing the winners


There will be TWO grand prizes. The student who raises the most money will win two tickets to see an upcoming Golden State Warriors game! The student who reads the highest number of minutes* will win an iPad AND will be principal for a day! Every student will have opportunity to win other great prizes in the raffle at the final awards assembly. There will opportunities for students to increase their chances and earn more tickets to put into the raffle. Classes will strive for 100% participation from their students and the classroom with the highest percentage of students collecting pledges/donations will win a class party!

The Readathon is the primary fundraiser for the Cove PTO, providing over 50% of the PTO’s annual budget. Donations help fund: professional development for teachers, instructional materials, classroom supplies and equipment, furniture, PE and playground equipment, campus events, parent education, campus improvements and much more!


Each student should read or be read to for at least 20 minutes per day (Monday through Thursday) and enter their minutes online here daily for the duration of the Readathon. We are also accepting reading logs for those who prefer the analog method (logs can be picked up in the office). This is the same as the regular reading homework goal. If each student finishes their regular reading requirement each week, by the end they will have earned 3 raffle tickets. Students will be encouraged to read beyond the regular reading goal and can earn another chance/ticket for the raffle for each additional 100 minutes read!


  • Read required 20 minutes per night (4 nights/week) = 1 raffle ticket per week
  • Each additional 100 minutes = 1 extra raffle ticket → Example: student reads a total of 285 min, would receive a total of 3 tickets (1 for first 80 then 2 for each additional 100 minutes)
  • For every 5 sponsors, students earn 1 raffle ticket
  • For every $100 raised, students earn 1 raffle ticket

The Readathon will continue the Cove School’s green initiative with the online donation website. This will streamline the collection process and help students reach a broader audience. You will receive a custom link to your child’s web page, which you can share with family and friends and via social media to solicit donations.

If you wish to personally solicit donations with cash or checks, we will still have the traditional envelope option. Please note:

  • Envelopes will be available in the school office only.
  • Students will collect pledges or flat amounts and record them on the back of the envelope. Flat amounts can be collected up-front, while pledges must be collected by Feb. 11.
  • Completed envelopes should be placed in the Readathon collection box in the office no later than February 11th to be counted for the classroom totals.


All pledge cash or checks are due online or in the Readathon Box (in the office) by February 11th. We will accept pledges after this time, however, in order to be eligible for prizes, all pledges must be submitted by February 11th -- no exceptions. On February 15th we will announce the winners and do the raffle.


Online payments can be made with credit cards and Paypal.

Envelope donations must be made with cash or check. Checks should be made out to: Cove PTO


  • 2 Warriors Tickets awarded to the student who raises the most money
  • iPad awarded to the student who reads the most total minutes and will be Principal For A Day!
  • Raffle Drawing: 10 names will be drawn to win gift cards to Mags or Book Passage
  • The Classroom Team(s) with the highest student participation percentage will receive a class party. A “participant” is defined as someone who secures one or more donations.


  • Post and share your child’s 99Pledges page on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
  • Help your child ask family, friends, neighbors, or coworkers to donate by sending a link to their custom 99Pledges page.
  • Encourage your child to read, read, and read some more!
  • Encourage your child to write notes to thank family and friends who sponsored them.
  • Honesty! While it’s tempting for students to inflate the number of minutes read, we hope parents can use this as a valuable opportunity to teach the importance of honest, hard work.

Thank you for your Support! Questions? Contact Joanne Zola at