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Sunday, March 22nd, 2020

Issue #27

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  • March 17 - May 1st School Closure; Remote Learning *Note extension through May 1.
  • April 3- Last day to order yearbooks
  • April 6-10 Spring Break, No School


Dear Cove Community,

Thank you for your patience and support during this challenging transition to on-line learning. I understand how stressful and scary this whole situation is as you try to balance making a living with supporting your child’s learning at home. Some of you may have lost your job, others may have loved ones who are sick, and others may be trying to manage both work and children at the same time. All of us, in one way or another, are being pushed to our limits. That is why we all need to work together to support one another and the children.

I am so proud of the Cove staff. They have unilaterally transitioned their programs to virtual learning in a matter of days! They have been working incredibly hard to literally build the ship while sailing - all the while taking care of their own families. Please know that each and every teacher is doing their best to make distance learning work for your child. We know it won’t be perfect, but we want to make it as painless as possible. If something isn't working for you, please let your teacher know so we can troubleshoot. If needed, we can give individuals extensions on due dates, a reduced workload, or other flexibility that your family may need during this time. Please communicate, and we will do what we can.

Here are some suggestions for you and your child during this time:

1) Just do your best. Please do not worry if your child doesn't finish all the work assigned or if he or she has a meltdown that day and refuses to do anything. Communicate with your child’s teacher, and know that it's okay. We need to remember that this is a big adjustment for our children too. They will have good days and not-so-good days. Each day, just start fresh and keep things going the best you can.

2) Know that your child will be okay. As a parent myself, I understand that little voice in your head that keeps telling you, "my child is falling behind". I get it. Everyone is in the same boat. Know that your child is learning more than you think (academic and non-academic skills) right now, and when we return to school, we will meet your children where they are and move them forward as quickly as possible.

3) Find some balance. It's important to schedule their days so they have a balance of academic work, hands-on learning, play, and downtime. Being intentional about spending time outside and spending time off screens is important!

4) Take care of yourself. In whatever way you can, take care of yourself during this time. I know this is easier said than done. The more relaxed and calm you are, the better your children will feel.

5) Have virtual playdates. If possible, schedule virtual play dates with a friend. This will help children stay connected with one another. Even if it's just building legos "together" or just talking. It helps to ease the loneliness they may be feeling.

I have so enjoyed seeing your children in class meetings through Zoom and Google Hangouts. This week, I am planning to send a video message out to the kids as a virtual assembly of some sort. These little ways of connecting will get us through!

Stay well,


This message has been adapted with permission from a letter written by Peg Minicozzi, Principal at Manor School.


  • Cove’s Frozen, Jr. Performances- Available Online Mrs. Derby was able to bring our Frozen Cast together quickly on March 12 and 13th (just in time) before school closures and perform their show in 2 closed recording sessions. This musical was a celebration of hard work, resilience, friendship & teamwork. This was supposed to be our March 12 assembly which we were not able to have, so here are the links to enjoy it virtually. A HUGE THANK YOU to Dan and Laura Kurtzman for making this possible creating these links for us so quickly! These are raw cuts, and we hope to be able to perform it live someday and/or provide an edited dvd version of it, but to bring some joy for now, here you go...
  • Frozen--Evening Performance
  • Frozen--Morning Performance

Cove in Motion is Happening! Join Lisa Shields each morning and get your Coyotes moving. The PTO will post the link on our Facebook Page and also send an Actionaly (formerly Blupods) announcement. Join us live or on your own time!

More PE Minutes! My School in Motion founder, Apryl Krakovsky has filmed and linked 3 sessions of Cove in Motion type routines for kids. The first one is long (35 min) as it includes an intro.

A Kids’ Guide to Coronavirus (by The Daily- Podcasts available through Apple). I suggest you listen to this story with your kids and then talk about it.


Get Your Yearbook! We are all missing each other right now, but luckily many wonderful memories made together at the Cove will be captured in the 2019-2020 Yearbook! So order yours NOW! And you don’t even have to leave your house to do it! Order yours here today Deadline for ordering yearbooks is this Friday, April 3rd!

Update on PE Logs from Coach Arroyo: We know you are working overtime to adjust to this new online learning world. We are, too. To simplify student and parent workload, as well as comply with privacy and other concerns regarding online learning, students in grades K-3 will no longer be required to log their P.E. activities. Students in grades 4 & 5 will log weekly. Fourth and fifth-grade students can find further instructions in the PE Lessons menu. All students are still required to perform 45 minutes of P.E. weekly either from the PE Lessonsmenu or by performing activities of their choice, but only fourth and fifth graders will keep a log. Get moving, stay fit and have fun every day!

From Larkspur- Corte Madera School District The Marin County Board of Supervisors has approved a $1 million fund to provide food and rental assistance to lower- income families and seniors, in addition to signing a resolution this morning to halt evictions due to non-payment related to COVID19. Please click here for more information


Remote Learning Through May 1 We see you parents, doing double duty as parent, teacher, working a full-time job, a part-time job, all the jobs. Our thank you this week goes first to you! Our teachers, paraprofessionals, learning specialists, and principal are all with you-- for our kids! Keep up the awesome work, the class Zoom calls, the FaceTime playdates, Google hangouts, emailing, and all that digital learning. While these aren’t the days we hoped for, we are getting through them and our Cove Community is better together! With Love From 6’ Away, The Cove PTO


Dear LCMSD Families, We hope that during this uncertain time you are all staying healthy and safe. In light of the current health ordinance and the school closures through May 1st, we will be canceling the SPARK Spring Spotlight Auction and Gala scheduled for May 2, 2020.

With approximately $300k left to meet our $1.5M goal, canceling our largest fundraising event has significant financial implications. As a result, the SPARK Board is working on alternate fundraising plans to ensure that we are able to come closer to our $1.5M goal, which is primarily used for teacher’s salaries and benefits. Please click here to read more.


Please click link to view Community News that includes updates from:

  • Community Assistance for Marin’s Vulnerable Populations
  • Comcast offering Free WIFI
  • Marin County Free Library Links
  • The Marin County Free Library’s Kids at Home Series
  • Spanish Immersion Summer Camps with Viva el Español at The Cove School

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